Inspirations of a Genius, A Line Called K 2017

Inspirations of a Genius, A Line Called K 2017
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There is a fine line between genius and insanity.  

ALCK 2017 by Atousa G

We've all had brilliant moments, right? Times when we are still patting ourselves on the back after everyone else quits. Unfortunately for most of use those are rare moments. The rest of the time we tumble through life, grabbing at opportunities to showcase our brilliance. Subconsciously craving the chemical release of being genius again.

And sometimes that can get a little crazy.  Sometimes we aren't a Picasso, or an Einstein, despite our best efforts. Sometimes our efforts go awry and we cross the line into insanity.

But not for Atousa G. She's an outlier. She navigates that line with ease and makes everyone she meets believe they can too. Her designs are a manifestation of that innate agility. Every collection is a new kind of genius, without ever becoming an insane failure. You can never appreciate this truth - until you try on her designs. A lesson I learned in person.

The brilliance of A Line Called K evolves from Atousa's very being. Fashion - literally makes up her DNA (ask her about it sometime) and her blood runs thick with rhythm. As a lifetime devote to the world of DJ's, music festivals, raves and electronica she has a fashion perspective that is singularly unique. She knows exactly what it takes to dance for 12 hours straight and still look hot at sunrise! She knows how much that matters, that's why she designs A Line Called K. 

Atousa's latest collection again features her trademark, cutting edge silhouettes so comfortable you'll be tempted to wear them to bed. If you have ever worn 6" stiletto platforms, just to look cool, you will worship the ground she walks on.

** Legendary looks, iconic style. Someday this will all be history... make sure you are the part that everybody remembers.

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