The VR Collection


Filled with shifting dimensions of color, light, and movement each piece in this collection is a centerpiece. 
Each garment is custom made to your specifications. Prices are determined by the addition of fringe and the length requested.  Men’s and women’s styles/prices are the same.
No Fringe: $150
Medium Fringe $300
Long Fringe $500
You may order here on the site or email your order directly to us. Please include these details in your order:
- Style name
- Size: Mens or Womens
- Color(s)
- Fabric: Reversible Sequins or Micro Chip Sequins (square shape)
- Fringe: None, Medium or Long
(See womens VR Hood for fabric color cards)
Our email is:
We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal. Your order will be made upon receipt of payment.

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