Dripping Crystal Sequin Dress

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  • This ultra sexy dress is perfect for flaunting your features and it's dripping with studded, crystal appliques.

    Made from a synthetic sheer mesh, the body is fully lined with the sleeves remaining sheer and unlined.

    The back is open with double button closure at neck. It has enough stretch to hug the sexiest of curves. It is stop-in-your-tracks stunning until you turn around, then it's simply, a stop and stare dress!!

    Made from 95% Nylon and 5% Lycra

    *The crystals are very delicate and can come off, so treat this dress with a gentle touch.

    Dry clean only
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    1. Hug you, hug your curves
    2. I’m flaunting you!
    3. Look good feel good with me wrapped around you

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