The world we all grew up with is gone forever and the future looks dim. It is evolving by the influence of an unseen force outside of our control known as COVID-19.  Whatever the future holds it will be forever changed by this devastating pandemic.

Whether it's something man made, a virus or bacterial developed in a lab by scientists or the next evolution of contagious death from Mother Nature we will navigate the future more wary and caution then ever before.
Read All About It is an exclusive, limited edition mini-collection from Atousa G, designer of A Line Called K. It is a symbolic collection.  The transparency of the fabric represents the invisible enemy known as Coronavirus. The miniature white lettering is newsprint, representing the constant breaking news headlines that have inundated our lives for months and seem never to end. When history looks back this set will represent a snapshot view of this time in our lives, as seen through the eyes of fashion.  You can own your own piece of history today by purchasing a piece. If you don't you'll have to "Read All About" in the history books of tomorrow.

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