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  • New! A Line Called K now features tech driven fashion powered by 360 Fashion Network. Meet the first piece from our upcoming collection: a gauzy soft, acrylic infinity scarf wired with LED lighting, all controlled by the touch of a button! You can turn the lights on or off or make them flash in different patterns.

    In addition to keeping you warm this scarf:
    • Illuminates your face
    • Attracts attention
    • Makes seeing in the dark a breeze

    The scarf comes with batteries, which are easy to replace and available at any drugstore. Powered by 360 Fashion Network, a truly brilliant concept.

    One Size

    Made with 100% Acrylic
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    1. Put me on and light me up!
    2. Keep yourself warm without losing style
    3. Let you face glow with me on your shoulders

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