Inspirations of a Genius, A Line Called K 2017

Inspirations of a Genius, A Line Called K 2017

September 24, 2017


A Line Called K
the origin story
This is a story about A Line Called K. However, it cannot be properly told without first explaining what is at the core of its being. 

We've all had brilliant moments, right? Times when we are still patting ourselves on the back after everyone else quits. Unfortunately for most of us, those are rare moments. The rest of the time we tumble through life, grabbing at opportunities to showcase our brilliance, subconsciously craving the chemical release of that being genius again.

This is not case for ALCK designer, Atousa G. Atousa is an outlier, maybe even an alien. Because for Atousa, genius does happen, it just is. Because she is. To know her is to know brilliance. Her talent for fashion is not only generational, it's the blood that flows through her veins. Not even she can escape her own inspirations.

Atousa has been creating cutting edge fashion since the early 90's. She's been in too many magazines, news papers and TV specials to count. Her fashion shows are legendary and her lines have been carried in the biggest names in retail throughout the country. Since she was a teenager, Atousa has found escape in one thing, the dance floor. One of her greatest loves. Although she's always surrounded by the worlds top music makers and fashion influencers, (all of whom she's usually dressed for the event), this is where she finds peace as she relaxes into the music she loves.

One night, about five years ago, amid pumping bass and sweating bodies on the dance floor an idea exploded into Atousa's brain. It completely consumed her mental capabilities.  Neurons flew and synapsis connected in a jittering, rushing whirlwind of chaotic creation. Moments later a solid, tangible concept crystalized into reality. Something Atousa had long dreamed but never had the time to pursue; combining her greatest passions, fashion, music and dance. And that is how it all began.
                       A Line Called K was born on a dance floor. 

A Line Called K is known as Street Kouture. It is higher end than streetwear and more attainable than haute couture. Much of the inspiration for the line still comes from the dance floor. From the global community of electronica followers with whom Atousa frequently interacts as she travels the world, going from Ibiza to Burning Man and everywhere in between. This is a line with something for everyone. It's a line for men and women with looks that are often legendary, frequently epic and always uniquely contemporary. Many of the pieces are unisex and quite a few are offered in XL. Even the seemingly most simply pieces are always filled with funky, fun and unexpected twists. 

Because the line so close to Atousa's heart she has kept it exclusive. It is not sold in stores. It can only be found online at and at local pop up's or trunk shows. 

If you would like more information, feel free to email us at To find out where the line will be selling next or to find out about our upcoming fashion shows, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we'll make it worth your while. We often hand out promo codes and sometimes, even have contests for free giveaways. 


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