Read All About

July 07, 2020

Why did I design this mini collection? It's not just about fashion right now, it's about the entire world, it's about a pandemic and the fight for justice and equality. 

The world we all grew up with is gone forever and the future looks dim. It is evolving by the influence of an unseen force outside of our control known as COVID-19.  Whatever the future holds it will be forever changed by this devastating pandemic. 

At the same time, the anger and pain from the injustice of police shootings, inequality, and racial profiling in America have finally erupted, also in pandemic proportions. The entire world marched with us as we took to the streets to protest the killing of George Floyd and subsequent victims.
Read All About It is a symbolic collection. The transparency of the fabric represents the invisible enemy known as Coronavirus but it's also the blank slate of the future, ready to take on the shape of reform and justice. The miniature white lettering is newsprint, representing the breaking headlines heard around the world about the two pandemics in 2020.  

Sizing Chart
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